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Vintage Navy Animal Jumper

Vintage Navy Animal Jumper


This is kitsch knitted perfection! A veritable feast of animals in knitwear form - this is like if Noah’s Ark was a piece of clothing. To say this is unique is an understatement, you’re never going to find a piece like this again. In relatively good condition but there are a couple of holes to note - one on the bottom hem on the front left side and two smaller holes on one of the zebras on the back right hand side. If you’re a good darner, these can be simply fixed! If darning isn’t your speciality, we recommend getting it fixed at your local dry cleaners or at The Seam online. Or maybe the holes don’t bother you, in which case don’t worry about it. No size label on this as it was handmade, but this roughly fits a medium or large. Please see size measurements to be sure!



  • Shoulder to cuff: 50cm/19.75”
  • Shoulder to shoulder: 56.5cm/21.75”
  • Chest size: 52cm/20.5”
  • Waist size: 46cm/18”
  • Length: 68cm/27”


Fabric content unknown.

  • Hand wash in cold water. Leave to dry naturally.

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