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Stella McCartney Red Snakeskin Loafers

Stella McCartney Red Snakeskin Loafers


Queen of faux animal-wear Stella McCartney has come up trumps again! Snakeskin shoes are, let’s be honest, so chic and timeless, but real snakeskin isn’t. Stella though has designed the cutest pair of red “fakeskin” (we made that bit up but it sounds so good that we’re coining it as the new vegan-friendly fashion term now) slip-on loafers with gold chain detailing. Wear these with a bright red sock and really get people looking at your feet. In amazing condition, worn a few times but no scuffs or damage to the snake print. Some minor wear to the soles. Size EU36.5/UK3.5. Comes with box.



  • Shoe size: EU36.5/UK3.5
  • Length: 26cm/10.25”
  • Heel height: 1.3cm/0.5”


Fabric content unknown.

  • Wipe clean gently with a soft cloth and water. Leave to dry naturally.

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