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Paris Texas Snakeskin Heels

Paris Texas Snakeskin Heels


A really great pair of heels should always be something that transforms you into your best self (we think they always do tbh), and this pair of strappy heels from Paris Texas are the pure fantasy kind. Put them on and imagine yourself in a 1980s nightclub in Miami Beach, calling all the shots and owning your power. These heels feature spiralling straps which you can tie all the way up the leg, or just around the ankle, or if you’re feeling wild you can criss cross them up, under and over the heels - wear them however you like, just wear them with confidence! In great condition, with only some light wear to the soles. Size EU40/UK7. No box or dustbag.



  • Shoe size: EU40/UK7
  • Length: 27.5cm/10.5”
  • Heel height: 10.5cm/4.2”


Made from leather.

  • Wipe clean gently with a soft cloth and water. Leave to dry naturally.

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